Double Door Home Carrier

As a new innovation Agarwal packers is introduced Double Door Home carrier. In this you can carry two homes in one vehicle.


1. The total space available in this vehicle is 1280 cubic feet.

2. One Double bed room house occupy 540 cubic feet that means we can accommodate two bed room houses in one vehicle.

3. The size of the vehicle is length 21” width 7” & height 8”.

4. Capacity of the vehicle is 6 ton.

5. Adjusted with 8, 12, 14, 16 feet storage and occupies remaining part loads of HHG.

6. Our strength is 50 Double Home Carriers.

7. The vehicle is having 2 door openings.


1. We can use two packings for the same destination in on vehicle.

2. No need to run behind the market vehicle.

3. Since this is a closed body so it is 100% safe and secure.

4. Items will not mix up since we got two portions.

5. Without unloading full truck we can do part after unloading one portion.

6. No transshipment and no more damages.

7. Adjustable portion makes easy to put more load at one side and less on the another side.